Museum For 2 Cities: Acuña & Del Rio

Museum For 2 Cities: New concept seeks to unite Acuña and Del Rio through worldclass project

Chris Adams | Posted: Sunday, June 19, 2016 1:00 am

The rich and complex tale of Acuña and Del Rio is well chronicled and most likely more than an arm’s length from its final chapter, however some would argue the story is just beginning.

In a sense, the ambitious concept of the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Ciudad Acuna (MACCA) project across the river, is evidence of a young and blossoming friendship between two cities that need one another.

“What I think is that it’s an idea that will benefit both communities…they deserve it, they need it,” said Gustavo Ramos Rivera, internationally renowned artist and Acuña native.

According to the MACCA website, Ramos Rivera felt the way to bring healing to his troubled birthplace under siege was through splendor and knowledge and “concluded that only beauty and education can offer hope to the families that struggle to lead normal lives.”

Gaby Patiño, of the MACCA Foundation, said, “It serves to bring together and consolidate our community. We cannot break away from Del Rio, because many of us are either from Del Rio or have relatives. We feel it’s a project for everyone. Everyone can contribute. I’m not speaking necessarily about economic donations.”

Besides the potential sociological benefits of the museum, it’s poised to serve the area culturally and economically too. “The more that you can do to make people aware of their culture, and what they have to offer to the international community as well … I’ve only been coming here for three years but finding out the other things; the Wolfman Jack radio tower, the cave paintings. This is some place that people should be coming from all over,” said San Francisco based Michael Martin, a member of a committee for the construction of the museum.

Worldclass architects

MACCA was the brainchild of Ramos Rivera who has been working diligently for the past five years to develop the concept and make the museum a reality.

“Basically the idea and the initiative of Gustavo Ramos Rivera … his artistic production is basically abstract art and him and Mrs. Michael Martin decided that it was time to find a place for Tavo’s collection plus his artistic production,” Patino said.

She also said the MACCA Foundation has retained the services of the celebrated Handel Architects, who designed the World Trade Center Memorial. “Now this project for the museum is a product of Handel Architects…we’re speaking about a very prestigious firm and we have already bought the land.” The museum will be located at the corner of Cinco de Mayo and Hidalgo and borders Arroya La Vacas.

“The museum will bring the requalification of the whole arroyo area. It’s already been cleaned. There are no more heavy metals in it and even the fauna is coming back,” Patino said.

A significant cultural event

She also said that this is the most significant cultural event in northern Mexico in the past 70 years and that funding for the project should be completed in two to four years.

In addition, Ramos Rivera has donated his private collections to the institution, which include Jose Luis Cuevas; Aung Aung Taik; Francisco Toledo; Leonel Maciel and Rufino Tamayo.

The museum is being formulated to house exhibitions of international prominence and a center for academia and other arts as too. The MACCA Foundation has already partnered with the McNay Museum Art Museum in San Antonio and is in talks with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

“It’s a very nice, ambitious, modern project, which is meant to be a gathering place as well,” Patino said.

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